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RAM provides live responses for calls generated by direct mail, internet sources, newspaper/ magazine ads, brochures, newsletters, radio and TV commercials, and any other media disseminated by our clients. Calls are handled live without prompts during business hours. Calls are handled electronically (via voicemail) at off-times. All electronically handled calls are responded to the next business day at no charge to the client. Several RAM representatives are trained to handle each client’s calls ensuring that there will always be someone available to assist callers at the highest quality level possible, as well as reducing or eliminating hold times when multiple calls come in at one time. (Since inbound projects are billed for talk-time only, there is no extra charge to the client for us to have multiple representatives available to answer calls.)


What types of inbound operations can RAM handle?

In short, all of them. We have experience handling customer service lines, processing orders, registering callers for events, scheduling appointments, routing calls to other departments, managing messages or call overflow from an existing office, referring people to physicians affiliated with area hospitals, and turning calls with technical questions into qualified leads for your representatives. Every call is logged in a database, so you can review the details including caller name and contact information, where they got our number, what they were looking for, how the call was ultimately handled, and any thing else you feel we should ask when we handle your calls. Depending on your specific project, the records kept from these calls can even be used for future marketing efforts. We are also capable of handling sensitive information, such as that generated by medical marketing or billing practices.

Why outsource Inbound Call Center operations?

Often, companies take a regrettable financial loss trying to implement their own in-house call center. Recruiting, training, and many times replacing new hires to handle an unpredictable call volume can be a costly and time-consuming venture. RAM Marketing has all the resources your company needs to maximize the results of your inbound call center needs without the financial risk. RAM's team of well-seasoned call center professionals are precisely the kind of experts you want to represent your company. Calls are handled by live people rather than automated systems  and each caller is given the respect and attention their request deserves; the thanks we get from callers on all our inbound projects each day prove how much your customers will appreciate this personalized approach.

Getting an Inbound Program Started

RAM Marketing will work with you from start to finish at getting your program set up. We can help with identifying the types of calls that should come in, how they should be handled, setting up phone lines accordingly, and even suggest the best places to advertise your phone number. We can customize a schedule of reporting so you can view the details of your calls as you see fit. Since there are no set-up fees or contracts necessary to initiate your program this is a 100% cost effective solution. RAM will closely monitor your program to maximize success, as well as keep in frequent touch to provide you with useful feedback.

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