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In today's marketplace, we see businesses in all industries competing against a growing number of new competitors. Now, more than ever, customer service and new account development play a vital role in building and retaining your customer base. Customer service and new account development are RAM's core competency.


RAM conducts both inbound and outbound customer service and quality control efforts including but not limited to conducting surveys, database cleaning and updating, email verification or gathering, notification calls, confirmation calls, followups to ensure the customer's needs were met satisfactorily, and reaching out to “cold” or inactive customers.


Why conduct or outsource surveys?

The best way to get a feel for your audience is to ask their opinion. RAM has conducted countless surveys polling everything from economic trends to political leanings to customer satisfaction. The results of these surveys has led to better investment decisions, more efficient campaigns for politicians, and improved customer service and brand loyalty for our clients. RAM is skilled at making surveys seem conversational, getting people to open up and provide not only simple closed-ended responses to questions, but open-ended opinionated responses as well. These in-depth responses have helped our customers get a true feel for the situations they are interested in and make better decisions as a result. RAM can even provide a customized analysis of survey results, based on your specific needs.


Why is "Database Cleanup" important?

Information is only good if it is correct.  Incorrect customer information in your database hinders future marketing opportunities by incurring extra costs and wasting efforts. On any project RAM does that utilizes a customer's existing database, we make a point to correct any incorrect or outdated information. Some clients with especially old data will opt to do an entire campaign based on cleaning their database. While the purpose of these calls is to correct information and uncover the proper decision maker, they can also be used to gauge customer satisfaction, extend new offers, or "re-introduce" your company to a customer you haven't heard from in a while. New contact with old customers can often turn up qualified sales opportunities, and the staff at RAM aims to do exactly that.

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